XDA-1 Audio Changeover System


XDA-1 Audio Changeover System

The XDA-1 Audio Changeover System was developed as a simple and efficient way to switch between redundant backup audio sources at the push of a button.  The unit consists of a 1U 19” rack-mount case that can accept analogue or digital AES3 I/O cards. XDA-1 is available in a selection of I/O combinations.

Available Models

  • XDA-1-16A Analogue Audio Changeover 32 x 16
  • XDA-1-16D Digital AES3 Audio Changeover 32I/O x 16I/O
  • XDA-1-32A Analogue Audio Changeover 64 x 32
  • XDA-1-32D Digital AES3 Audio Changeover 64I/O x 32I/O
  • XDA-1-32AD Digital/Analogue Audio Changeover

Product Details

  • Easy switching of audio sources
  • Passive design allows audio to pass in the event of power failure
  • Remote connector for sync with XUSB-2
  • AES 3 switched in both directions


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