VBO-1 Video Blackout Box (Legacy)


VBO-1 Video Blackout Box (Legacy)

This product is now End Of Life. A new and improved version is on its way and will be available Q2 2018


The Signature Series VBO-1 is a multifunction device developed to address the specific CCTV requirements of theatrical productions.  The device includes six(6) video distribution amplifiers each with their own unique input and eight(8) outputs in a 3U 19” rack-mount case.

DMX control allows the user to easily fade any or all of the VDAs to a black screen.  This functionality allows for the control of CCTV monitors that may be close to the stage or in the auditorium to be faded to black to ensure a complete blackout.



Product Details

  • Six discrete video distribution amplifiers
  • Individual isolation of blackout control per VDA
  • Fade flip function per VDA
  • Eight outputs per VDA for a total of 48 video outputs
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