SATOMPC-2 1U Rackmount Quiet Computer (Legacy)


SATOMPC2 1U Rackmount Quiet Computer (Legacy)

This product is now End Of Life. A new and improved version is on its way and will be available Q2 2018

In recent years computing has become ever present in daily life.  We use computers for everything from email, to cooking and flying aircraft.  However, we would not necessarily use the same computer for all of these tasks.  Finding the right computing solution to meet your requirements has become increasingly difficult.

When sourcing control computers Autograph had a specific set of requirements.  A computer was needed that was robust, reliable, resilient to viruses and most importantly quiet.  Operating in low noise environments has always been a challenge for generic computers, they struggled to operate efficiently in the dirty and dusty environment of the theatre.  There was nothing available‚Ķ.until now.

The SATOMPC-2 is a compact 1U rack-mounting computer suitable for general operation in quiet environments.  Using an Intel ATOM dual core processor the SATOMPC-2 achieves maximum performance with minimal power consumption reducing operating heat and noise, while increasing reliability.

The SATOMPC ships with a customised image of the Microsoft Windows 7 embedded operating system, making use of the Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) features.  This ensures that your system files are kept safe from accidental or malicious damage and can be restored with a simple reboot.

Product Details

  • Dual core Atom Processor
  • Solid State C-fast 16Gb Removable storage
  • Enhanced write filter file protection
  • Dual Head Display (VGA + HDMI)
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • 2 x Serial Ports (1 x RS232, 1 x RS232/485)
  • XLR 2-Wire RS485 Connector
  • Super Quiet Operation


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