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Autograph Audio Monitor

Autograph Audio Monitor (AAM) is a standalone application for use with the Radio microphone monitoring software.  Audio Monitor allows the user to quickly switch between audio sources using a standard ASIO audio interface.  Users need only tap on a receiver to have the audio for that channel routed to their monitoring station.  The software is capable of generating eight independent monitor outputs for eight remote station (Dependent on ASIO device).  Autograph Audio Monitor provides a valuable tool in quick and accessible audio monitoring of radio microphones. The software comes in two parts which can be run on independant computers. Audio Router is the server application which switches the audio. Audio Remote is a panel application for the control of the server. Audio Monitor aslo integrates with Multimon, the multi manufacturer radio microphone monitoring solution from Sennheiser Engineering UK.

Product Details

  • Software only solution. You choose your preffered ASIO interface.
  • Scalable to up to 128 input channels and 8 monitoring stations
  • Seamless integration with MultiMon
  • Intuitive touch to listen interface

Licence Agreement


Demo Version (Limited)

Full version (license required)

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  • Cost: £360.00 GBP incl VAT (license delivery within 48Hrs)
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