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Who Are We?

You'd think we would know by now, but over 40 years of growing up has not made this any easier to describe.

Our collective backgrounds in sound encompass the Royal Opera House, the Royal National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal Exchange Manchester, the Royal Court Theatre as well as several regional theatre companies.  In spite of this predominantly “royal” connection, we are all surprisingly grounded people who share a sense of professional curiosity and a serious wish to do things properly, whatever it takes – or not at all.

Based in North London, we are a blend of innovators, designers, creators, engineers, developers, philosophers and award-winners who have, not without some sacrifice, dedicated ourselves to developing and supplying high-spec audio equipment to every branch of the entertainment and events industry since 1972.

Our Team Members

This is the team behind the Signature Series

Tony Robinson | Design & Engineer

Tony 'The Oracle' Robinson is Autograph's genius in residence.  There is nothing he can't design, make or fix.  We keep trying to catch him out and we can't do it.  A passionate lover of all British manufacturing, especially Jaguar cars, we consult him on everything, hence the nickname. But it's not just audio matters, Tony knows just about all you need to know about plumbing too!

Scott George | Design & Support

Scott is a sound designer, programmer and technology specialist with over 20 years experience of a wide range of audio and IT technologies.  He is a dab hand at DIY and loves his cricket especially when the Ashes roll around.  Scott's career began in Australia and he has since brought his skills to almost every continent in the world.

Robert Tory | Design & Support

Rob is a former production sound engineer and operator who has been pivotal in setting up the digital department at Autograph.  Rob was the Senior Production Sound Engineer on the 2012 London Olympic Ceromonies and continues to be a the forefront of entertainment technology.  Rob also loves his cricket although sharing an office with an Austrlian makes for interesting times.

Peter Leyton | Video Design & Engineer

Peter is a talented electronics engineer who is responsible for the video elements of the Signature Series.  Pete is an accomplished musician and can often be heard practising his cornet during quiet moments.

Graham Chrimes | Design & Support

Graham is a former operator who specialises in making that essential cabling that connects all of the equipment together, he is a brilliant wireman who turns soldering into an art form.

Don't let failure be your Nemesis!

Our unique tried and tested Signature Series products offer you total peace of mind.

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